About Timro Travel

By definition, “Timro” means “yours” in Nepalese. Hence, “Timro Travel” is “your travel”.

Why choose such a name? Well, very simple. Because wanting to travel is a need of the soul to know, live new experiences, share and learn. Traveling should be a positive experience, always. Although it may not seem like it at some point during the trip, the truth is that the final result of the trip, regardless of how easy or difficult it was or the difficulties "handicaps" that we may have encountered, should always be positive.

So that voyage must be something personal, conscious, yours. Whether it's a journey focused on the physical (of venturing into the Himalayas), cultural / relaxation (visiting cities and temples enjoying fantastic hotels and resorts), of the soul (yoga, retreats or meditation) this is a path that your body, mind, and soul will have to do adapting to each and every one of the new circumstances that occur.

That is why a trip with me will always be “timro travel” your trip, because my job is to guide you so that you can enjoy the adventure you have chosen.

In the words of the writer Jorge Bucay, "You choose where and you decide until when, because your path is exclusively yours.

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